WLB Solar Lighting Bollard

NEW  ​High Performance LiFePO4 Batteries​  8 - 10 year life cycle

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  • Self Contained
  • Compact
  • Adaptive Smart Technology
  • No Trenching
  • Commercial Grade
  • Architectural Design

Our Products:


definition: self sustaining, self contained and or stand alone devices powered by solar, containing a battery and adaptive management system. 

A New Generation of Adaptive Solar Innovation

Overhead lighting for parking lots and large area lighting.

Marking lights for piers, docks and marinas.

Solar and Wired AC lighting for pathways, walkways, trails, jogging paths, docks, marinas, residential. 

Solar Powered Marker
SCL2 Solar Light
PLB Solar Lighting Bollard

How to Choose the Right Solar Light?

Solar Outdoor Lighting