Q. How much do your bollards, path way and marker lights cost?  Do you have a price list?  Once the appropriate information is gathered we are happy to provide a quote based on specific project needs and demands. Please provide the following details in an email and we will get back to you within one business day.

      Project Location

      Project Name or Description

      Details: Dimensions of area to be lit, Application, Lighting Goals, etc.

      Budget Information: Approved or Design phase, Ballpark figures

      Private property or government

Once you fill out a quote request and the specifics of a project are narrowed down we will provide you with a formal quote with the number of lights, shipping cost, etc included.  The more information we receive, the better the solution to be carved.

Q. How many nights will your lights work?

Using proprietary firmware, Solarcology® devices utilize an energy management system called EMS or Solar controller to monitor the relationship between components.  This EMS or Solar controller allows "perpetual" light when units are exposed to at least 2 hours of direct sunlight each day. This means that if units receive acceptable sunlight, it will produce light, night after night under any operating profile selected and this will continue until core components meet the end of their operating lives.  See model specification sheets to view LED rated hours of operating life and most of our batteries have life expectancy of about 10+ years.

Q.  What happens if the weather is bad?

FLT Solarcology® devices are able to store up to 3 years of on-going solar, performance and battery data.  Each day it is in the field it is getting more and more acquainted with its surroundings, storing this information and coming to conclusions.  This valuable data allows the unit to predict and adjust if necessary; on days of low sunlight or shaded conditions.  The EMS or Solar controller makes minor adjustments to LED levels in an effort to maintain sustainable and reliable light. This is what sets apart Solarcology® devices from other traditional solar lighting products of the past.  

Q. What if I leave my light inside, will it be on all night and drain my battery?

If a light is left indoors, it has a fail-safe shut off and will turn off when sensing an unusual period of "night" hours.  

What colors and finishes are available to me?  

Bronze is our default color. We offer three other standard colors: Black, White and Silver. Any color other than Bronze, will have a color fee for orders less than 10 units.  For orders greater than 10 units, this fee is waived.  

Q. What is the expected delivery time of my luminaires from when I place the order?

We typically have a stock of our most popular models and can have those ready to ship or pickup within 3-5 business days. Non-stocked items typically ship between 3 – 6 weeks, after receipt of payment or approval of credit.  Stock fluctuates, so please inquire.

Q. How do I know if you can ship my bollard products order to my area?

We ship globally and each product is conveniently packaged with lighting fixture, battery, mounting hardware, security hardware and bit. Please contact us directly for a price quote to your location.

Q. What will I receive with my order?

All bollard orders are shipped complete with bollard post, mounting bracket, anchoring hardware, fastening screws, battery, optional security bit and installation instructions. As we target remote locations, all lighting products are packaged for protection against damage during shipping. All overhead lights are shipped with a battery and optional security bit.  Note that poles need to be ordered separately and come with anchoring hardware and base covers.  Innovative ground screw pole systems will ship with auger chuck, ground screw and pole system.

Q. My project is in an isolated location with no wiring to connect to the electrical grid, do your products need to be wired?

Our products are fully self-contained and do not require external wiring as used with distributed solar solutions. This allows for simple installation with no trenching and minimal environmental site disturbance.  We are so off-grid, we are even off your solar grid!

Q. When installing a bollard or pathway light, what distance should they be spaced apart? How many should I anticipate needing? 

Lighting projects have a few variables like foot candle targets and coverage. Typically, the SCL2 can be spaced 80-100 feet off center at a height of 20-25 feet and meet IES Secured Parking Lot levels. The IPL or SCL when placed on a height of 10 – 15 feet has typical spacing of 30 – 50 feet.The PLB spacing varies with chosen light distribution. Asymmetrical  units are typically is spaced at 15 – 20 feet for continuous lighting across a given path. The WLB can be spaced on purpose and typically used for wayfinding. The Markers are placed based on user preference.

Q. What type of solar module is in your solutions? Are they resistant to vandalism?

Our solarcology® solutions use high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar modules used for day and night detection with no need for a photocell. All of our panels are comprised of high impact UV resistant polycarbonate encapsulation making them highly resistant to virtually any vandalism.  See our videos link for durability demonstrations.

Q. Does your technology receive tax rebates?
Yes many of our products qualify for the DSIRE Federal Tax Rebate and Hawaii Energy programs.  Please consult the DSIRE program site and your State, City and County  or with your local Energy Savings Programs to determine if you qualify as a recipient.  We are currently the only Solarcology® device to receive a rebate from any USA Utility through Hawaii Energy, though all States differ.  Please contact us via email or the contact page to request more information on these tax credits and incentives.

Q.  Can I request a trial unit or loaner?
Demonstrations are by appointment only, however we encourage you to inquire about an installation in your community.  We believe the first step is to witness our technology in the field.  We suggest both a day and night time visit to properly survey all the assets our solar lighting solutions have to offer.

Q.  Where do you ship?

We ship throughout the USA and Globally.  Please contact us and we can connect you with one of our agents nearest you. ​

Frequently asked Questions