Ground Screw Systems include Solar Overhead Fixture, Custom Pole 8-14' Square or Round, Custom Ground Screw and Hardware. Systems for Bollards include Light Bollard, Custom Ground Screw and Hardware.

Simply Intelligent Systems. You're welcome.

No digging. No concrete. No worries.

A dynamic partnership presents a breakthrough in sustainable design capabilities. First Light Technologies and Krinner Ground Screws have unveiled the most intelligent lighting system of the future. Krinner Ground Screws are the clever alternative to concrete footings we have been waiting for. Poles can be securely anchored in earth within minutes, with no digging and no concrete required. Emerging as the world's #1 foundation system of the future, the advantages of using Krinner ground screws include: 

  • Saving time & money 
  • Statically tested
  • No digging or concreting necessary
  • Maximum durability & stability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long service life

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