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Leveraging custom optics, high-efficiency solar panels and premium materials, this miniature solar LED made by legendary Carmanah Technologies weighs less than one pound with an output of up to 3NM visibility.  Utilizing energy saving Automatic Light Control, five-day trending regulates intensities for optimal performance through the calendar year and longer battery life.  The premium grade, UV resistant polycarbonate body and lens material renders this mini-marker virtually indestructible yielding a life expectancy of over 15 years.  Up to 40 user-adjustable flash patters, the Carmanah M550 can be used for marine aids-to-navigation, private aids-to-navigation, marina lighting, dock lighting, port lighting and more. 

Dock and Guidance Markers


Colors: White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue LED

Visibility: 1-3NM

Lighting Profiles: Flashing or Steady on

Options: Bird Deterrent, Pole Mount, IR Controller, Switch or No-Switch