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The Wayfinder

WLB Series Solar LED Bollard

When you need wayfinding, marking, or space delineating lighting, the WLB series is the ideal choice. With over 1200 foot visibility the WLB provides a light source that puts light outwards as opposed to directly on the ground. The daytime appearance is consistent with all First Light products with a fully self-contained unit. The WLB offers a more traditional caged design typically seen in marine applications. Utilizing solar power and LED lighting the WLB bollards are fully self contained and offer significant benefits over typical wired bollards:

  • Low installed cost and minimal site impact with no trenching, cabling or wiring
  • Minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change
  • Not susceptible to power outages
  • Provide a visibly green statement without recurring carbon emissions
  • Utilizing smart technology for sustainable long term performance

​Reliable Firmware

All of our solar powered lights are enabled by our innovative Solar Lighting Controller (SLC). The SLC in each light is “self-learning” and allows the lights to predictively adapt to their surroundings, providing a level of lighting performance and reliability unavailable in other solar lighting products.

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Colors: Bronze, White, Black, Silver +

LED: 3000K, 4000K

Lighting Profiles: Dusk til Dawn, Dark +6 Hrs/OFF, Dark +6 Hrs/30%, Dark +5 Hrs/OFF/-1 Hr Sunrise, Dark +5 Hrs/30%/-1 Hr Sunrise (Default)

Sizes: 14" or 34"

Battery: LiFePo4 High Performance Lithium with exceptional 8-10 year life cycle